Since 1963, producing the topsy-turvy musical comedies of

Sir William S. Gilbert & Sir Arthur S. Sullivan

If you want to know who we are...

Sa-voy'ard – n. a person who performs in the operettas of Gilbert and Sullivan

We are an extraordinary homegrown theatre troupe, born in 1963 out of the love and enthusiasm for that perfect combination of W. S. Gilbert's razor-sharp satire and Arthur Sullivan's sparkling music. We take our name from London's famous Savoy Theatre, where many of the G & S operettas were first performed. Durham's own historic Carolina Theatre has been our home since 1994.

Our first production was The Pirates of Penzance, performed in the auditorium at Durham High School (now Durham School of the Arts). An annual tradition has blossomed, and is still going strong. Over the years we have staged all of the complete G & S works at least twice, and recently added a new recomposed version of the long-lost Thespis to our repertoire.

The Savoyards company has produced, along with consistently delightful entertainment, a large family of perennial devotees, both on and off the stage. Our numbers include people of diverse culture and occupation across the Triangle and beyond. Auditions for our annual productions are always open to everyone.

We depend on the support of our friends in the community to sustain us. The Durham Savoyards, Ltd. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and all contributions are tax-deductible. In addition to financial support, we are grateful to those who volunteer their time and talent. In so many ways you are who we are.

Info Sheet

Select above image for a one-page information sheet: color version (1.5MB PDF) or black & white version (1.3MB PDF).

The Savoyards shall function as a non-profit organization to further the cultural betterment of the citizens of Durham and vicinity through the production of musical performances, especially the operas of Gilbert and Sullivan.

— Bylaws of the Durham Savoyards, Ltd., Article II: Objectives and Purposes

The Durham Savoyards has a vision of continuing commitment to a group that finds joy in striving towards the highest levels of artistic discipline and achievement in a caring and supportive atmosphere.

— Board of Governors, 1995

Membership in the Savoyards is open to everyone. Annual dues are $10.00 per household. Members receive the Happy Dispatch newsletter and invitations to all parties, as well as special announcements of performances, sing-through sessions and auditions.

Become a Friend of the Durham Savoyards.

Friends are recognized in performance
programs in six levels of giving:

Mikado — $1000 and above
Sorcerer — $500 to 999
Lord High Admiral — $250 to 499
Pirate of Penzance — $100 to 249
Gondolier — $50 to 99
Peer of the Realm — $25 to 49

 Dues, donations and other correspondence may be sent to:

The Durham Savoyards, Ltd.
c/o Dwight Sullivan, Business Manager
933 Lystra Lane
Chapel Hill, NC 27517

e-mail: info@durhamsavoyards.org

Want to be added to our mailing list, and receive announcements of performances and auditions?

We have two main mailing lists — electronic and "snail mail" (U.S Postal Service) — and we are happy to add you to either or both. You may send a request to our business manager (see above address) or send email to our electronic contact address <info@durhamsavoyards.org>. In the case of our electronic mailing list, you may also submit an automated subscription request. Just follow the instructions about the savoyard-news "official announcement" list. Donors at all levels are automatically added to our "short" list (unless they request otherwise) and will receive the Happy Dispatch newsletter, postcard invitations to parties, and all special announcements of performances, sing-through sessions and auditions.

Are my dues current?

If you're not sure whether your dues are current, look in the upper right corner of the mailing label on the next item you receive from the Savoyards (such as a party invitation or a sing-through announcement). If you have paid dues in the past, your expiration date, in year/month format, will be there: if the year and month are later than the current year and month then you need to pay your dues. If you have made a donation, your dues are covered, and your "Friends" status will be printed (Peer, Gondolier, Pirate, Admiral, Sorcerer, Mikado) on the label.

The OFFICIAL Durham Savoyards, Ltd. web site
is at www.DurhamSavoyards.org
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