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The Grand Duke

The Grand Duke


The Statutory Duel

Ludwig, an actor, replaces Rudolph, the miserly Grand Duke of Pfennig Halbpfennig, after “killing” Rudolph by drawing the Ace in a statutory duel. By assuming all of Rudolph’s obligations, he soon finds himself with far more wives, and prospective wives, than he knows what to do with. This is the last, and the most underrated, of the G&S operas, with some really fine music.

The Grand Duke was first performed on March 7, 1896, at the Savoy Theatre, and ran for 123 performances.

Durham Savoyards Performance History
  • May 16-17 and May 23-24, 1986, Reynolds Theatre, Duke University

    Adaptation: Randolph Umberger — Artistic Director: Benjamin Keaton — Producer: Kent Otto

  • April 13-16, 2000, Carolina Theatre, Durham, NC

    Artistic Director: Randolph Umberger — Music Director: Benjamin Keaton — Producers: Hugh K. Wright, Jr. and Stephen Marquez

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