Patience 2006 ... Behind the photo scene

The two people in these photos are Jessica Haynes and Geoff Register (Geoff made his Savoyard debut as the Doctor of Divinity in 2005's The Pirates of Penzance).

The final curtain for Pirates was still fluttering but it was almost time to deliver publicity materials to the Carolina Theatre for the 2006 production of Patience. The Durham Savoyards would be a part of the Theatre's Pick-3 series for the upcoming 2005-06 season, and a number of Savoyard stalwarts were already changing their focus to Patience. Director Derrick Ivey was thinking about a 1960s setting, so the rest of us went to work (fortunately, most of us old geezers felt right at home). Photographer Mark Jackman met with publicity consultants Kathy and Charlie Register and plotted a course.

The photo shoot was held in mid-May, 2005. Costumer Karen Guidry and make-up artist Pam Guidry-Vollers worked their magic ... and we were back in the 60s. Derrick was on hand to fine-tune the setting and give much-appreciated coaching to the two models -- neither of whom had experienced the 60s first-hand.

The photos were shot against a plain white backgroud, and the "Laugh-In" flowers were added digitally during post-production. Our most difficult task was deciding which of the many excellent shots to use as THE publicity shot. Derrick made the off-the-cuff suggestion that we turn one of the characters upside down, so that was that.

Many thanks to Mark, Derrick, Karen, Pam and Kathy for mustering forces so quickly after Pirates, and to Jessica and Geoff for giving life to this project.

These photos, particularly the "topsy-turvy" version, will be the cornerstone of publicity for Patience, both by the Savoyards and the Carolina Theatre. The show will not be cast until around the first of the year (at which time we'll try to publish a number of cast photos) so Geoff and Jessica will serve us well.

&mdash CMR

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