The Durham Savoyards, Ltd.
2007 production of

H.M.S. Pinafore

Cast and Crew Bios

The Ensemble

Hannah Andrews (Costume Designer) designed the costumes for this production of H.M.S. Pinafore, as well as the major general's costume in The Pirates of Penzance (2005). She previously designed Pirates and Ruddigore for UMGASS in Ann Arbor. Other productions include Orpheus in Hades (opera), Saturday's Children, Ira David Wood's A Christmas Carol, and Kent Otto's Twelfth Night Revels.

Charlie Bartee (Carpenter's Mate, understudy Dick Deadeye) has retired as punter for the Royal Dragoon team of Patience fame, exchanged his cleats and shoulder pads for a chest of tools, and has signed on as Carpenter aboard the H.M.S Pinafore. In warmer weather, Charlie can often be found in Morehead City flying the Jolly Roger and plying the waters of Bogue Sound.

Jennifer Mann Becker (Lighting Designer) is faculty at Peace College where she's designed lighting for Suddenly Last Summer, An Inspector Calls, The Children's Hour, Curious Savage and King Lear. She's happy to be returning for her second year with the company and is expecting her first child within weeks.

Jim Burnette (Sir Joseph) is again honored to be welcomed so politely by Derrick, Alan, and all the other Savoyards. It is, it is a glorious thing to be in their Company! His performance is dedicated, if you please, to the memory of Rick Rottschaefer – Teacher, Actor and Friend.

Bobby Cameron (Boatswain's Mate) is singing in his fifth Savoyards production since returning to the Triangle from the frozen northeast. (He'd sung with the Savoyards before in the late '70s). Like the Gemini that he is, Bobby enjoys lots of things – especially playing with his daughter Brynn and his girlfriend Shere (oh – and Brynn's dog Jasmine). Biking, golfing, cross-country skiing, hiking, gardening, and going to bars... (this last not with Brynn, of course).

Donna Cavallo (Stage Manager) has worked for a variety of theater companies in the area. While primarily a stage manager, she has worked on almost every aspect of theater production including lights, costumes, props, and even on occasion has appeared on the stage. This is her fifth production with the Savoyards. She is currently on the Board of Directors of OdysseyStage Community Theatre.

Deanna Chou (Orchestra Manager) has melted in Houston, slushed through Boston, frozen in Vermont, but finally got it right in Raleigh! After playing the violin, piano, cello, and composing music, she discovered G & S in college as cellist, orchestra manager, director, and president but never completed the full G & S canon – but she's fixing that now.

Thomas Clark (Rehearsal Accompanist) – Musically, and in his job as a forensic pathologist, Tom deals mostly with organs, but has enjoyed dusting off his piano skills for such an enthusiastic and accomplished group. He holds a degree in music from Duke, and studied baroque ornamentation with Kathy and Charlie Register while he was young and musically impressionable.

Carolyn Colquitt (Rehearsal Accompanist) is a native of Gary, Indiana. She began her musical study on piano at age four, and is now an accomplished pianist, vocalist, violinist, composer/arranger, and music educator with extensive work as a musical director. Carolyn holds a BME from Valparaiso University and an MA from Indiana University with post-graduate studies at Vandercook School of Music in musical theatre.

Kenny Cruz (Chorus, Dance Captain) is delighted to be in his third season with the Savoyards and is proud to be part of such a stellar cast. Previous credits include Lun Tha (The King & I), Rolfe Gruber (The Sound of Music), and Richard Dauntless (Ruddigore). Love to friends and family for their support!

Richard Dideriksen (Captain Corcoran, Set Designer and Graphics Designer) – "And-Away-He-Goes" captaining our crew in his thirty-fifth Savoyard season and creating our ship in his ninth season as set designer. Proud of his four daughters, with acting in their blood, this Daddy to many gave three cheers when he discovered that love levels all ranks and married his own personal Buttercup, Teme (one of Sir Joseph's Sisters). The result: Oh rapture, oh bliss!

Steve Dobbins (Chorus, understudy Captain Corcoran, Dance Captain, Board of Governors) has enjoyed a busy year with the Savoyards. In 2006 he appeared as Bunthorne in Patience, was elected to the Savoyards' Board of Governors, and co-directed Ruddigore. He now returns with glee and nostalgia to his very first Savoyard role: a sailor swabbing the deck of the Pinafore who never misses a spot. Well, hardly ever.

Mary Ann Freedman (Chorus) has been singing since "Ho, Ho, Say Can You See" at age 3. The Savoyard stage has been a home for over twenty years. She currently performs with the Village Revue at nursing homes and senior centers.

Sandy Gerli (Royal Chorus), a tenor, is by day an Associate at Kohl's Department Store in Durham, and by night(!) an intrepid G & S fan with 30 years' shows behind him. His dear wife, Teri, says she's a "Savoyard Groupie" who's content to be offstage for now... but next year?

Karen Gray (Hebe, Board of Governors), in her 13th season with the Savoyards, is still loving it! She is NOT typecast. NOT! Duke "bean counter" by day and Savoyards Board President by night, she sings at St. Luke's Episcopal and more than dabbles in things political. Many thanks to Michael and Anna!

Charles Guidry (Producer, Technical Director, Set Realizer) is a local artist who has worked on eleven Savoyards productions. He has performed many tasks over the years and is hopeful he has properly refit the vessel for its curious new mission. While he enjoys working with this crew, some days keel-hauling seems an appropriate management tool.

Karen Guidry (Producer, Wardrobe Mistress, Board of Governors) marks the beginning of her eleventh year of voluntary servitude with the Durham Savoyards. She has served as a "techie" in some capacity each year (unless you count the one year she channeled Queen Victoria), usually involving costumes.

Pam Guidry-Vollers (Chorus, understudy Hebe, Makeup & Hair Designer, Dance Captain) is happy to be joining the Savoyards for a ninth show. She has been a musical theatre performer since her debut as a schoolgirl in her fourth grade production of The Mikado. Since then she has performed in many shows, including Fiddler on the Roof, Kiss Me Kate, The Pirates of Penzance (twice), The Grand Duke, The Mikado, and Ruddigore, and has designed hair and makeup for the Savoyards since 2001.

Jan Harris (Royal Chorus) has been involved with the Savoyards off and on since 1987. Most of her years with the Savoyards have been back stage, but she has enjoyed her time on stage as well. She joins her husband, Hugh Mace in this year's production.

Kimberly Hirsh (Chorus) is pleased to return for her second Savoyards production, this time in the guise of a cousin. When not on the stage proper, Kimberly provides three performances a day to her Latin classes at Wakefield High School in Raleigh, where her students constantly attempt to upstage her.

Lisa Hirsh (Properties Mistress) is pleased to spend another year procuring everything from the moon to the kitchen sink for this gallant crew. When not scavenging for props, she works as a graphic designer and home schools her son. Lisa thanks her whole family for their love and unfailing support.

Houston Horn (Chorus, understudy Carpenter's Mate) is the son of a sailor and that sailor's bride. He was a football player in Patience and a townsperson (a non-dancing role) in Carolina Ballet's Carmen. A mainframe programmer by day, by night (when not rehearsing) he is learning the intricacies of web programming. He thanks his family for their support.

Pam Kadzielawski (Chorus, understudy Buttercup) is excited to be joining the Savoyards for her third season. Many thanks to this wonderful family for all the fun and gifts of friendship. Lots of love to Mike and Phil.

Kim Kingsley (Chorus) is delighted to join the Savoyards for her third production, this time as an Aunt. Never having been an aunt before she was nervous at first but has become accustomed to the role. She previously appeared as a beatnik chip/hippie chick in Patience and the grateful undead Zorah in last fall's Ruddigore.

Saki Kinney (Royal Chorus) has sung in various choruses here and there since second grade and joined the Savoyards last year. By day, and night, she is a graduate student at Duke University.

Mei-li J. Kuhns (Royal Chorus) is returning for her second season in the Royal Chorus. She worked backstage for one season with the Simsbury (CT) Light Opera Company, and joined the Durham Savoyards when she moved to North Carolina. She is an active member of The Church of the Holy Cross - Anglican, in Raleigh. By day she is an office assistant with Express Personnel and lives in North Raleigh.

Cathy Lambe (Chorus, Ticket Manager) is surprised to have blue hair, since she doesn't feel that old. Oh, wait, we all have blue makeup too! She is happily tripping on the H.M.S. Pinafore for the third time. Offstage, she has spent years on the Savoyard board, served as producer and helped with many backstage tasks. Many dearest friends come from the Savoyards.

Larry Landman (Royal Chorus) is new to Durham and the Savoyards. An appearance in The Pirates of Penzance at age 11 sparked Larry's lifelong delight in the G & S canon. Larry is a personal tutor (math, English, standardized tests) for students from sixth grade through college... and the lucky husband of his beautiful bride, Paula.

Teme Levbarg (Chorus) is gaily tripping, lightly skipping onto the stage for her 16th Savoyard season of performing and working behind the scenes (set building; makeup assistant). Meanwhile, her daughter Rebecca is performing in Patience in Jerusalem; reminding us of the positive impact the Savoyards have had on our children! Teme lovingly shares life, on and off stage, with her multi-talented husband, Richard (Captain Corcoran; set and graphics designer).

Hugh Mace (Royal Chorus) returns for yet another show with this wonderful company of zanies. Hugh has been a Savoyard since 1983. A high school teacher by day, he enjoys sharing the show with his wife, Jan Harris.

Evelyn McCauley (Little Buttercup) has been a Savoyard since 1991 and is proud to add "Buttercup" to her list of G & S roles. Previous roles include Mad Margaret, Katisha, Ruth, Lady Sangazure, Pitti Sing, and Iolanthe. She continues to perform with many area companies. She especially thanks her One (husband Lance), family and friends for their love and support.

Sarah Miller (Ensemble) is 21 and in her third year with the Durham Savoyards. She played Isabel in the '05 production of The Pirates of Penzance and was Saphir's understudy in last year's production of Patience. She is delighted to be in H.M.S. Pinafore and hopes that you enjoy it.

Marie Moulin (Royal Chorus) is still French and absolutely enchanted to be in her fourth production (after Ruddigore, The Pirates of Penzance, and Patience) with the Durham Savoyards as a loyal member of the Royal Chorus. She continues to be grateful to the people who gave her the opportunity to join the group and to all its members for their kindness. At home she is grateful to the excellent musicians who currently help her keep alive her musical interest.

Ben Neufang (Ralph Rackstraw) began his musical career at an early age. Currently a student at Durham Tech, he has played lead roles in high school productions, including Prince Charming (Cinderella), and Don Quixote (Man of La Mancha). This is his first performance with the Savoyards, and he is excited about working with such talented professionals. He thanks his voice teachers, Sandra Clark and Joan Wittman for their inspiration, guidance and support.

Mollie Moses O'Dell (Royal Chorus), a long-time Savoyard, is carrying on the tradition of a local theatrical family. Her tenor debut was in 1980 in H.M.S. Pinafore, in the men's chorus. This year her voice broke & she is trying soprano on for size. She hopes to be in many more shows.

Daryn O'Shea (Dick Deadeye) is making his third appearance with the Savoyards since 2005, and the first in a lead role, for which opportunity he is very grateful. He's not normally known to be yellow in nature, but that has all changed with H.M.S. Pinafore!

Richard Palmer (Chorus, understudy Sir Joseph) has watched the Savoyards, their antics and great productions from afar for many years, thinking every year of joining in. He did supply some fireworks for The Sorcerer some years ago, but this year he finally took the plunge. He hopes to continue to be involved in the coming years.

Wil Pardue (Chorus) is excited to return for his second show with the Savoyards. He marked his stage debut with Patience last year and intends to make many more stage appearances with the Savoyards in the future. He thanks Derrick and Alan for making this another exciting season.

Betty Romani (Rehearsal Accompanist) knows the value of a kindly chorus. In addition to completing her fourth year with the Savoyards, Betty teaches piano to twenty splendid students, and she is a church pianist. She gives three cheers to her remarkably fine family for allowing her plenty of time to play.

Pat Roos (Chorus) really wanted to be a sailor, but... "be careful what you wish for." Cheerfully ensconced among the Savoyards friends and relations (characters one and all), Pat appreciates all the hard work by people behind the scenes, most not sufficiently recognized. Pat also salutes Forest Roos for becoming an active patron of the arts.

David Smith (Chorus, understudy Boatswain's Mate) is performing in his fourth Pinafore and 26th Savoyards production. By day, he is writing an interactive online calculus text for the Mathematical Association of America. His other recreations include 10 grandchildren, St. Philip's Choir and Madrigal Singers, travel, mental health advocacy, and tandem biking with wife Dorothy.

Ann Marie Thomas (Chorus, understudy Josephine) is glad to be appearing in yet another Savoyards production, having appeared as Angela in last year's Patience, and Rose Maybud in Ruddigore. She has also appeared in the occasional non-musical-theater performance. Thanks as always to Dan for his heroic and unflagging support through everything, and to the late, quiet, Greg Abbott of DramaTech Theater.

Shiangtai Tuan (Chorus) was one of Amahl's Night Visitors but was taken by the Pirates of Penzance from Turandot and sold to Mikado; he was recently rescued to become a sober man on Pinafore. Yes, he loves the blushing beauties and will sail the ocean blue to join la Boheme before visiting Madama Butterfly.

Thea Tullman (Josephine) happily returns for her second Savoyards production, having debuted as Patience last year. She has sung roles with Chicago Opera Theater and Opera Festival of NJ and has performed at Lincoln Center and the Brooklyn Academy of Music. She thanks her husband, Terry, for making life sweeter every day.

Ruth E. Winecker (Royal Chorus) is in her first performance with the Savoyards. Having left theater work many years behind her in college, she is thrilled to once again be involved in community theater. A great admirer of farce, Ruth feels right at home with the Savoyards and is thankful for the opportunity to participate!

Diane Woodard (Chorus, Head Costumer) -- This is Diane's second show with the Savoyards. "It is a far less dangerous outlet for creativity than my kitchen," says this early retiree. She and husband Steve moved to Durham mid-2005 from suburban Washington, DC.

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The Directors

Derrick Ivey (Director and Choreographer) is pleased to be back for his fifth collaboration with the Durham Savoyards, and with Music Director Alan Riley Jones. His previous work for the company includes directing and choreographing Patience, The Pirates of Penzance, Ruddigore and The Mikado. Other directing credits include The Glass Menagerie, Rough Crossing, Deathtrap, Chicago - A Musical Vaudeville, The Zoo Story, The Diary of Anne Frank, Lady Windermere's Fan, and Oliver; as well as his original stage adaptations of Molière's The Doctor in Spite of Himself, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, the Greek Myth Antigone, James Barrie's Peter Pan, and Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. His most recent performing credits include: King Lear for Peace College; The Goat for Manbites Dog Theater Company; Orson's Shadow for Deep Dish Theater Company; and One by One by Once Upon a Time, a two-person dance/theater performance with choreographer Killian Manning. Derrick will next perform as one of many rotating guest actors in An Oak Tree (Wednesday, March 21) and then in At the Vanishing Point (May 25 - June 10), both for Manbites Dog Theater Company.

Alan Riley Jones (Music Director) is delighted to return for his fifth year at the podium, and his fifth partnership with Director Derrick Ivey. With Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from East Carolina University, Alan is a twenty-plus-year veteran of Triangle area theaters, having appeared as actor and singer in such productions as Triangle Dinner Theater's She Loves Me and Song of Singapore, Raleigh Little Theater's Lend Me a Tenor and Into the Woods, and the Temple Theater (Sanford) production of Clyde Edgerton's Raney. Alan made the first of his eight stage appearances with the Durham Savoyards in The Yeomen of the Guard (1984) and has since taken on such roles as Counsel for the Plaintiff (Trial by Jury, 1984), Scaphio (Utopia, UnLimited, 1997), Lord Chancellor (Iolanthe, 1998), Major General Stanley (The Pirates of Penzance, 1999), and J. W. Wells (The Sorcerer, 2001). Besides performing, Alan enjoys composing and arranging choral music. The choral parts in tonight's "God Save the Queen" and "I'm Called Little Buttercup" are brief examples of his arranging skills. Alan served for several years as rehearsal conductor for the Raleigh-based Oakwood Waits vocal ensemble, for whom he still performs and arranges. In 1995, he was a contributing songwriter for Raleigh Ensemble Players' staging of Lee Smith's novel, The Devil's Dream. In 1996, Alan's original musical drama, Ladri Waits, was performed by Perihelion Theater at the Carrboro ArtsCenter. More recently, Alan's original score to Gilbert's Thespis – the first Gilbert and Sullivan collaboration, for which Sullivan's 1871 score is almost entirely lost – was first heard in concert in 2004, and was performed by members of the American Philological Association at their conference in Montreal in January, 2006.

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