The Durham Savoyards, Ltd.
2004 production of


Cast and Crew Bios

The Ensemble

Christopher Andrews (Chorus) moved back to Chapel Hill 1998 after attending St. Olaf College where he studied Chemistry and Computer Science. He is currently working as an internet web and database developer at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and, as well as performing in his third season with the Savoyards, is playing tuba with the United Church Brass Quintet, the Chapel Hill Village Band, and the Chapel Hill Brass Ensemble.

Bobby Cameron (Chorus, Robin Oakapple understudy) survived last year's Mikado and has returned for much, much more ("That's what doing chorus and understudy combined feels like," he says). Bobby telecommutes from his home south of Chapel Hill for a Cambridge, MA high-tech market research firm. He's thankful to the Savoyards for providing some insane relief from all-too-normal world of business and technology _ although it's Bobby's 9-year-old daughter Brynn who really provides the wonderful craziness that breaks through the work-a-day world.

Donna Cavallo (Stage Manager) has stage managed numerous productions in the past for a variety of theatre companies in the area. This is her second year with the Savoyards. She is on the Board of Directors of OdysseyStage Community Theatre and is currently stage managing their next production, Nunsense Jamboree, which will run May 7-16 in Chapel Hill.

Bill Chamberlain (Richard Dauntless) is a newcomer to Durham Savoyards. He is a recent transplant from Chicago and is the Assistant Dean for Career Services at UNC Law School. Most recently, Bill sang the role of Jack Kennedy in Long Leaf Opera's Jackie O.

Donna Clement (Publicity Director) happily marks her second year with the most talented bunch of people she's worked with. She's grateful to the Savoyards community for introducing her to the captivating world of theater.

Carolyn Coolidge (Chorus) has been in Savoyard choruses since 1997. She also sings with the Choral Society of Durham, St. Philip's Madrigal Singers, Longleaf Opera, and the Duke Classic. She and her husband Timothy Riggs are grateful for the fellowship of the Savoyards community and the rich artistic climate of the Triangle.

Marty Cox (Properties Mistress) returns for her third year of working behind the scenes. It should be noted that her previous drama experience was as an extra in the beach scenes in that great 1960s MGM classic, Where the Boys Are.

Richard Dideriksen (Sir Roderic Murgatroyd, Chorus, Graphics and Set Designer) As Roderic, he raises the dead in his 32nd Savoyard season. He has designed graphics for 21 seasons and created a giant cartoon set for this melodrama. Proud of all his daughters, he's awarded special "Daddy Bragging Rights" as Katrina joins the Broadway constellation. He thanks his beloved Teme for being his own guiding star.

Steve Dobbins (Sir Despard Murgatroyd) is enjoying his third season in the Durham Savoyards family. Last year he appeared as Pish-Tush in The Mikado; two years ago he swabbed the deck of the H.M.S. Pinafore. Since 1998 he has sung and danced in more than twenty opera, cabaret, and variety shows. Heavens to Murgatroyd!

Steve Dubay (Lighting Designer) is an NC native with a BS in Theatre Design and Technology from Greensboro College (`96) and an MFA in Theatre Design and Technology from The University of Missouri - Kansas City (`99). He has been a free lance lighting designer in the Triangle since August of 1999. He has designed lights for the following theatre and dance companies: Deep Dish Theatre Company, Man Bites Dog Theatre, Street Signs Center for Literature and Performance, Raleigh Little Theatre, The NCSU Dance Dept., among others. He also has a full time position with Stageworks Lighting in Raleigh where he serves as a lighting designer and production manager. Steve has been an active member of theatrical protective I.A.T.S.E. local 417 since 2000.

Mary Ann Freedman (Chorus) For her second Savoyard production of Ruddigore she has gone from singing soprano to singing tenor. After being a maiden, ward, bridesmaid, and cousin, she's having loads of fun being a Bad Baronet.

Karen E. Gray (Chorus, Hannah understudy, Board of Governors) celebrates her tenth season with the Savoyards family, and keeps coming back for more _ this time with husband Michael in the box. Program Coordinator for the Duke Center for Integrative Medicine (acupuncture, anyone?) by day and Savoyards Board member by night, she also sings at St. Luke's Episcopal. "Thanks, as always, to Michael, Rob, and Stubbs, for your patience!"

Michael Hale Gray (Royal Chorus) is in his second show with the Savoyards. He was Calynx in 1997's Utopia UnLimited, having the honor of singing a world premiere G&S song (resurrected by the director). He has also been "spouse-groupie" to wife Karen (see above) and for relaxation is an air traffic controller at RDU airport.

Charles Guidry (Technical Director) is a local artist who worked happily behind the scenes on four Savoyards productions. Then in a moment of weakness he let them know he had some technical experience and lost control of his life for the next four years. In the past eight years he has been a producer, has been active in set construction, was responsible for paint design and has even done laundry.

Karen Guidry (Producer, Costume Designer, Costumer, Wardrobe Mistress, Board of Governors) — Ruddigore is Karen's eighth show with the Durham Savoyards, all as a "techie." In addition to producing and costuming Ruddigore, Karen also serves as vice president of the Savoyards Board of Governors.

Pam Guidry-Vollers (Chorus, Dance Captain, Makeup & Hair Designer) is happy to be joining the Savoyards for a sixth show. She has been a musical theatre performer since her debut as a schoolgirl in her fourth grade production of The Mikado. Since then, she has performed in many shows, including Fiddler on the Roof, Kiss Me Kate, The Pirates of Penzance, The Grand Duke, The Mikado and has designed makeup for the Savoyards' The Sorcerer, H.M.S. Pinafore and The Mikado.

Jan Harris (Royal Chorus) has been involved with the Savoyards since 1987, both on and off stage. She is glad to be able to join her husband Hugh Mace, in the boxes this year.

Emily Harville (Chorus, Mad Margaret understudy) is a graduate student in epidemiology at UNC's School of Public Health. This is her third appearance in the Savoyards chorus. Previously, she performed the roles of Katisha (The Mikado), the Fairy Queen (Iolanthe), and Lady Blanche (Princess Ida) with the Oberlin Gilbert & Sullivan Players. She is engaged to Chris Andrews, whom she met when they were both in H.M.S. Pinafore two years ago.

Brittany Huie (Chorus) is in her second year at UNC-Chapel Hill. She has been in the chorus for the previous Savoyards performances of The Grand Duke and The Sorcerer. She has enjoyed working with this group and would be "a very abandoned person" without it.

Cathy Lambe (Chorus) is enjoying her new career as a professional bridesmaid. The outfits are so much nicer than her previous lab coats. On stage, she and partner Paul(a) tango well together. Backstage, she has found a new talent for helping screw together and paint the set. Otherwise she spends her spare time dancing, gardening or volunteering at Habitat Hand Me Ups.

Teme Levbarg (Chorus) is delighted to join the chorus of tenacious bridesmaids for her 13th Savoyard season. She partners with Richard, the love of her life, and sings and dances with friends old and new. But beware! Richard is really Sir Roderic! It's all quite bewitching.

Hugh Mace (Royal Chorus) has been with this wonderful company of zanies since 1983, and has been involved off stage as well as on. A high school teacher by day, he enjoys sharing this show with his wife, Jan Harris.

Evelyn McCauley (Mad Margaret), "typecast once again," has been a Savoyard since 1992. She has sung the roles of Pitti-Sing, Katisha (The Mikado), Tessa (Gondoliers), Iolanthe (Iolanthe), Lady Sangazure (The Sorcerer), and chorus in H.M.S. Pinafore, Patience and Yeomen of the Guard. Thanks go to Michele, Mom, Sam, CWC, and most especially, Lance, for their love, support, and inspiration while she rants and raves on stage.

Ann McCloskey (Chorus, Zorah understudy, Gigue Mistress) joined the Savoyard family in 1993 and has served in various capacities but mostly on stage. As the "gigue" mistress she presents the wonderful music of G&S away from the Durham stage. Ann is blessed with an encouraging and supportive "off stage" family, as well. To them she says "thank you!"

Marie Moulin (Royal Chorus) is French. She has enjoyed living, teaching, and studying in the Durham, Duke, UNC community over the past 13 years. Currently she is quite happy with her brand new royal status in her first appearance with the Durham Savoyards. Otherwise her interests dwell in country and language hopping.

Barbara Namkoong (Dame Hannah) refuses to admit she is being typecast in this show! She has appeared in many more innocuous roles on Triangle stages, and will soon perform with Opera Co. of NC in Turandot. Barbara also enjoys singing with the Oakwood Waits, the OK Chorale and St. Stephen's Episcopal Church choir. She will soon be working as a realtor, and thanks her mother for her patience and support.

Chris Newlon (Robin Oakapple a.k.a. Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd) is thoroughly enjoying being a bad baronet in his fourth year with the Durham Savoyards since he is normally known to be diffident, modest and shy. He can't say enough about his beautiful wife and 3 charming daughters who can attest to the persistence with which he practiced his lines and songs and could, in fact, fill in for him in a pinch. Chris also has performed with the Chapel Hill Community Chorus and studies voice with Catherine Alderman.

Noelle Debora Paull (Chorus, Ruth understudy) twelve down, one to go! Noelle has stage-managed all thirteen G&S operettas, and performed in all but Princess Ida. "Please can we do it soon before I'm too old and infirm?!" Preschool teacher, animal care provider, animal rescuer, Noelle is enjoying her wonderful new house she shares with her sweet patootie Andrew, and their eight (yes really, eight) dogs.

Charles Register (Assistant Producer, Program Editor) has foolishly risen from the (orchestra) pit and climbed back into the management barrel. After nearly three decades as a computer systems and security manager, you'd think he'd learn. Playing the flute is much less dangerous, unless you provoke the pique of the piccolo player.

Katherine Register (Assistant Producer) is playing a Savoyard administrator for the second time. Having been the piccolo half of the flute section (with husband, Charles) since Iolanthe in 1987, she stuck one foot out of the pit to direct publicity for H.M.S. Pinafore in 2002. She is awed by the backbreaking work ethic of production staff, cast, and crew.

Pat Roos (Chorus) makes another triumphant return (#6) to the chorus, adding another turn of nearly correct singing and dancing, wit and bad jokes. Despite ongoing gender confusion, Pat, yet again a tenor, is happy to participate in the mixture of hard work and wackiness that went into making this show.

Michael Rowe (Chorus) has been performing Gilbert and Sullivan for some time, and Ruddigore is his favorite show. He will be performing in the chorus after a brief vacation from the Savoyards, during which he received his MBA from Duke. Michael is currently employed by IBM.

Paula Scotland (Chorus) is enjoying her fourth production with the Durham Savoyards. Although she enjoys performing the most, Paula has also been involved backstage with the Savoyards and OdysseyStage Theatre Company as producer, board member, stage manager, properties manager, and part of the set construction crew. When not in the theatre, Paula enjoys playing with her family, substitute teaching, and exercising. Paula would like to thank her family and the Savoyard community for another great year!

Dierdre Reynolds Shipman (Chorus) has been doing theatre in the Triangle sporadically since 1972. Being in The Mikado last year renewed an enduring love of singing. She is thankful for the opportunity to perform again with the Savoyards both on stage and in the community gigs, and grateful, as always, for behind-the-scenes help from husband Edward and sons Elijah and Jesse.

Laurie Siegel (Zorah, Rose understudy) is excited to be involved in her first show with Durham Savoyards. New to Gilbert and Sullivan, Laurie has performed roles in several musicals and operas. She holds both a bachelor's and a master's degree in music education from UNC-Greensboro. Laurie "performs" daily in front of hundreds of 6- to 11-year-olds while teaching music to Lower School students at Durham Academy.

David Smith (Chorus) has been a member of the Savoyards since 1980 — encouraged to "give it a try" after watching his son Charles perform in the 1979 Ruddigore. He retired in 2002 from the Duke faculty to concentrate on his other recreations: Savoyards, 10 grandchildren, St. Philip's Choir and Madrigal Singers, travel, and editing an on-line journal (joma.org).

Donna D. Smith (Royal Chorus) has performed in four G&S Savoyard productions: Pirates of Penzance, The Grand Duke, The Sorcerer, and The Mikado. This year she is a member of the Ruddigore royal chorus. She and husband Harmon enjoy being enthusiastic supporters of the Durham Savoyards.

Marie Snider (Board of Governors) has recently returned to the English classroom following three years teaching theatre at Orange High School in Hillsborough. She hopes to return to the stage next year in the Savoyard performance of Gilbert & Sullivan's Patience.

Bruce Stewart (Chorus, Dance Captain), in spite of the onerous demands of pursuing a degree while working full-time, is doing what he wants anyway in what little spare time he has, to wit, tripping the lights fantastic. Most recently he performed with the Triangle Youth Ballet's production of The Nutcracker and was one of the featured dancers in last year's production of The Mikado. He was also seen last summer in the Cary Players production of Twelfth Night.

Dwight Sullivan (Business Manager) first appeared with the Savoyards as the Boatswain in 2002's H.M.S. Pinafore. After singing the title role in The Mikado last year, he's spending a year offstage to master a new role. Hailing from a long line of war heroes, known more for pluck than prudence, Dwight took over as our Business Manager this year and, to our great surprise, claims he's quite enjoying it!

Ann Marie Thomas (Rose) In addition to six productions with the Savoyards, past highlights include creating simple songs for Medea and Shakespeare's weird sisters, playing Mary Butoh in the world premiere of Skull Treasure Pirate Mountain Island, working with Long Leaf Opera, and her second-grade debut as the voice of Oscar the Grouch. Recently she played Lenny in Crimes of the Heart and performed Ned Rorem's Nantucket Songs. Big thanks to her patient voice teacher and love to her hero, Dan.

Lisa Tranquillo (Ruth, Ticket Mistress) is thrilled to be making her second appearance with the Savoyards having performed last year as a chorus member in The Mikado. When not on stage, Lisa teaches civics and economics and European history at Raleigh Charter High School. A big thank you to the cast for all of the laughter and song these last two months!

Shiangtai Tuan (Chorus) was accurst in the days of Yore into retirement from his accustomed place. For now, he simply loves the Elysian, the company of rural maidens. Last December, out of his frame, he served as the Page in Amahl. In May, he will serve the Royal Doht in his homeland of Turan.

Ray Ubinger (Old Adam Goodheart) lives in Durham with his sweetie. He has sung in two previous Savoyard productions and played violin in three. Playing violin in Ruddigore in Daytona Beach in 1983 was his beloved first exposure to G&S. He has been a chorister in five productions with the Opera Co. of NC. He works at the Duke Clinical Research Institute and is active in Libertarian politics.

Monika Vrabel (Chorus) is in her second year with the Savoyards. She is 17 and is a junior at W. G. Enloe High School. This being only her third time on stage, she is no stranger to the theatre. She is a full out "techie" and proud of it. Along with constantly being "Miss Independent" she has a passion for music, and hopes to develop her voice to sing opera and classical music. But the four things she believes in most are faith, hope, love, and truth.

Erika Vrabel-Linsdell (Rehearsal Accompanist) This is Erika's first time as accompanist for the Savoyards, and she is thankful for all those years of training! She is the music director at St. Andrew's Church in Apex, plays various instruments, including bass for a local band, and is also the proud mother of cast member, Monika! Erika is thankful to her husband, Michael, and daughter Krista for their support.

Jim Wright (Royal Chorus) is singing in the Royal Chorus for the second time. He produced The Grand Duke in 2000. He sings in the Chapel Hill Community Chorus and plays cornet in the Duke Institute for Learning in Retirement New Horizons Band. Apart from music, he keeps house for Peggy and works for the Arc of Durham County and the Standardized Patient Program at Duke Medical School.

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The Directors

Derrick Ivey (Director/Choreographer) directed last season's The Mikado for the Durham Savoyards and is pleased to be back with the company for Ruddigore. Over the past twenty years he has performed, directed, produced and/or designed for Manbites Dog Theater Co., Shakespeare and Originals, Dog & Pony Show, Killian Manning and No Forwarding Address, American Theater Practice, The ArtsCenter Community Theater, Echo Stage, Dysfunctional Actors Theater, 15-501 Ballet, and Deep Dish Theater Co. Directing credits include The Glass Menagerie, Heartbreak House, Rough Crossing, Deathtrap, Chicago - A Musical Vaudeville, The Zoo Story, The Diary of Anne Frank, Lady Windermere's Fan, Hurricane Salad, Loose Lips Sink Ships, and Oliver as well as his original stage adaptations of Moliere's The Doctor in Spite of Himself, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, the Greek myth Antigone, James Barrie's Peter Pan, and Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Recent design work includes sets for Deep Dish Theater Co.'s Hedda Gabler and store design for the newly opened Paisley & Co., Fine Fabrics and Papers in Chapel Hill's Southern Village. Recent acting credits include Love's Labours Lost, Two Sams, and Julius Caesar with Shakespeare and Originals. Derrick is next slated to portray Richard Nixon in Russell Lees' Nixon's Nixon at Manbites Dog Theater in Durham.

Alan Riley Jones (Music Director) returns to the podium after his Savoyard directing debut last year for The Mikado. With Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from East Carolina University, Alan is a twenty-year veteran of Triangle area theaters, having appeared as actor and singer in such productions as Triangle Dinner Theater's The Music Man and Song of Singapore, Raleigh Little Theater's Lend Me a Tenor and Into the Woods, and the Temple Theater (Sanford) production of Clyde Edgerton's Raney. Alan made the first of his eight stage appearances with the Durham Savoyards in Yeomen of the Guard (1984) and has since taken on such roles as Counsel for the Plaintiff (Trial by Jury, 1984), Scaphio (Utopia, UnLimited, 1997), Lord Chancellor (Iolanthe, 1998), Major General Stanley (Pirates of Penzance, 1999), and J. W. Wells (The Sorcerer, 2001). Besides performing, Alan enjoys composing and arranging choral music, especially for the Raleigh-based Oakwood Waits, for whom he serves as rehearsal conductor. In 1995, he was a contributing songwriter for Raleigh Ensemble Players' staging of Lee Smith's novel, The Devil's Dream. In 1996, Alan's original musical drama, Ladri Waits, was performed by Perihelion Theater at the Carrboro ArtsCenter. More recently, Alan has completed an original score to Gilbert's Thespis, the first G&S collaboration, for which Sullivan's 1871 score is almost entirely lost. Alan is delighted to be working once again with Derrick Ivey, with whom he performed in Durham Theater Guild productions of Godspell and Kiss Me Kate some years ago. ("Don't worry, Derrick. I'm not telling how many.")

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