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RUDDIGORE: The Witch's Curse

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Ruddigore Publicity Photographs

(Photo shoot December 6, 2003)

Mark Jackman, photographer

The Gaggle

The Gaggle

Mad Margaret, Sir Ruthven, Sir Despard, and Sweet Rose Maybud

“Tell me, are you mad?”

Large (1024x680) version (152kb)

XLarge (2048x1360) version (336kb)

Advertising flyer version

“Oh, horrible — too horrible!”

Large (1024x658) version (162kb)

The Gaggle (flyer)

In Repose

Sweet Rose Maybud

“Rose, all glowing / With virgin blushes”

Large (1024x680) version (117kb)

XLarge (2048x1360) version (284kb)

In Repose
In Repose (flyer)

Advertising flyer version

“Poor little maid!”

Large (1024x660) version (151kb)



Despard and Mad Margaret

“Basingstoke, I beg.”

Large (680x1024) version (152kb)

XLarge (1360x2048) version (382kb)

The Inspection

The Inspection

Despard, Mad Margaret, Ruthven and Rose

“I say, which of us has married her?”

Large (1024x680) version (135kb)

XLarge (2048x1360) version (325kb)

The Swoon

Despard, Ruthven, and Sweet Rose

“Madly, passionately...
Passionately, madly!”

Large (731x1024) version (133kb)

XLarge (1360x1904) version (295kb)

The Swoon
The Swoon (flyer)

Advertising flyer version

“Daily she goes for to weep — for to wail”

Large (659x1024) version (154kb)

The Lovers

The Lovers

Despard Murgatroyd and Mad Margaret

“Suffering much from spleen and vapours”

Large (731x1024) version (174kb)

XLarge (1360x1904) version (391kb)

The Light

The Light

Ruthven, Rose, and Despard

“If were the maid I should fan his honest flame.”

Large (1024x680) version (135kb)

XLarge (2048x1360) version (325kb)

The Struggle

Ruthven, Rose, Mad Margaret, and Despard

“Shall I fly at him? Shall I tear him limb from limb?”

Large (1024x701) version (141kb)

XLarge (2048x1402) version (299kb)

The Struggle
The Struggle

Advertising flyer version

“But at present I'm afraid I am as mad as any hatter.”

Large (1024x662) version (148kb)

Photo Shoot Credits

Bobby Cameron posed as Robin Oakapple
                   (a.k.a. Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd)
Richard Dideriksen posed as Sir Despard Murgatroyd
Emily Harville posed as Sweet Rose Maybud
Evelyn McCauley posed as Mad Margaret

Makeup . . . Pam Guidry-Vollers, Karen Guidry and Teme Levbarg
Costumes . . . Karen Guidry
Production Coordinator . . . Donna Clement
Photography . . . Mark Jackman

All photographs ©2003 Mark Jackman, Durham, NC
Advertising flyer designs by Charles Register

Ruddigore Press Announcements

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Short version (29 words):
RUDDIGORE: The Witch's Curse - Musical comedy. Last two weekends in March: Fri-Sat 8pm, Sun 2pm. Carolina Theatre. Tickets $22 & $26 (discounts available). Call 919-560-3030 or visit www.carolinatheatre.org/onstage/
Pub Sheet
Downloadable information flyer (106kb)
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Medium length version (48 words)
RUDDIGORE: The Witch's Curse, a musical comedy presented by the Durham Savoyards, Fri-Sat March 19-20 & 26-27 at 8pm, and Sun March 21 & 28 at 2pm. Carolina Theatre, Downtown Durham. $22 & $26 with senior, student, and group discounts available. For tickets call 919-560-3030 or visit www.carolinatheatre.org/onstage/
Long version (88 words)
In its 41st season, the Durham Savoyards and their orchestra present Gilbert & Sullivan's musical comedy RUDDIGORE: The Witch's Curse - a parody of melodrama set amid castles, ghosts, magic, madness and love. Haunting the stage at The Carolina Theatre's historic Fletcher Hall. Friday-Saturday, March 19-20 & 26-27, 8pm; Sunday, March 20 & 27, 2pm. $26 and $22, students half price, seniors $2 discount, group discounts available. For tickets, call the Box Office (919-560-3030) or visit www.carolinatheatre.org/onstage/. Parking is available across the street in a secure parking garage.


This program is made possible in part through gifts
to the Durham Arts Council United Arts Fund
and support from the City of Durham.

This performance in the Carolina Theatre's Fletcher Hall
is made possible in part by a grant from the
Durham Arts Council's Fletcher Performing Arts Fund.


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