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Trial By Jury

Trial By Jury

Hijinks rule a courtroom, as the "bride" sues for breach of promise. Gilbert's own experience as a barrister must have been the inspiration. This is the only one act G&S opera, and is usually played along with another work.

Trial by Jury opened on March 25, 1875, at the Royalty Theatre and ran for 300 performances.

Durham Savoyards Performance History
  • May 22-23, 1970, Page Auditorium, Duke University (H. M. S. Pinafore was also on this program)

    Director: Samuel Selden — Music Director: Paul Bryan — Producer: Elvin Strowd

  • October 29, 1975, Stewart Theatre, Raleigh, NC — October 30, 1975, Orange High School, Hillsborough, NC — November 7, 1975, Leroy Martin Junior High School, Raleigh, NC (Gilbert & Sullivan centennial celebration program, including a selection of G&S favorites)

    Artistic Director: Bobbi Wilson — Music Director: Isabel Samfield

  • June 8, 1984, Reynolds Auditorium, Duke University (Part of the British American Festival, the program included a selection of the best of Gilbert & Sullivan)

    Director: George Williams — Music Director: Allan Bone — Producer: Patrick D. Kenan

  • November 17-18, 1989, Page Auditorium, Duke University — January 20, 1990, Performing Arts Center, Southern Pines, NC (This program was sponsored by the Friends of Penick Home, and included Benjamin Keaton's Places, Please!, A Savoyard Symphony)

    Director: Benjamin Keaton — Producer: Pepper Fluke

  • October 12-15, 2017, East Chapel Hill High School Auditorium, Chapel Hill, NC (Also on this program: Thespis)

    Artistic Director: Derrick Ivey — Music Director: Alan Riley Jones — Producer: Janell Lovelace

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