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Utopia, Limited

Utopia, Limited


The Flowers of Progress

Having a rather idealistic view of England and the English people, King Paramount of the south sea island of Utopia decides that his people should adopt all English customs and fashions, and that the kingdom should become a “company limited.”

Utopia, Limited opened on October 7, 1893, at the Savoy Theatre and ran for 245 performances.

Durham Savoyards Performance History
  • April 24-25, 1981, Page Auditorium, Duke University; May 1, 1981, Stewart Theatre, Raleigh, NC

    Director: George Williams — Music Director: Allan Bone — Producer: Harriet Delius

  • *April 24-27, 1997, Carolina Theatre, Durham, NC; May 3-4, 1997, Thalian Hall, Wilmington, NC

    Artistic Director: Randolph Umberger — Music Director: Benjamin Keaton — Producers: Cathy & Randy Lambe

    *Utopia (un)Limited – With the original settings and lyrics to Happy Valley (Utopia’s original title) providing much of the foundation, directors Randolph Umberger and Benjamin Keaton created this significant revision for the Durham Savoyards.

  • March 26-29, 2015, Carolina Theatre, Durham, NC

    Director: Derrick Ivey — Music Director: Alan Riley Jones — Producer: Janell Lovelace

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