The Durham Savoyards, Ltd.
2008 production of

The Yeomen of the Guard

Cast and Crew Bios

The Ensemble

John Adams (Jack Point) reprising his 1995 role, played Ko-Ko in 2003’s Mikado. He salutes theater “widows/widowers” who keep bills paid, carpools running, pets fed, and otherwise love and support us who volunteer, and Understudies – chorus members waiting in the wings for an opportunity and almost never stepping in – learning their role and a principal’s. Thanks all for supporting live theater!

Katherine Anderson (Elsie Maynard) is delighted to make her Savoyards debut. She earned a Bachelor of Music in voice performance and musical theatre from Meredith College. Favorite roles include Hope in Urinetown, Cunegonde in Candide, and Cinderella in Into the Woods and Raleigh Little Theatre’s Cinderella. Thanks to family and friends for your support!

Hannah Andrews (Guest Costume Designer) designed Jack Point and Elsie Maynard for this production of Yeomen, and the women’s chorus and most of the principals for H.M.S. Pinafore (2006). She previously designed Pirates and Ruddigore for UMGASS and the opera Orpheus in Hades in Ann Arbor. Local shows include Saturday’s Children, A Christmas Carol, and Twelfth Night Revels.

Kay Bailey (Royal Chorus) has enjoyed getting to know the wonderful Yeomen for the very first time. She is also thoroughly enjoying her position as what used to be called “Gigue Mistress,” now “Concert Singers Director.” Hail Savoyards!

Charlie Bartee (Second Yeoman, understudy Sergeant Meryll) After serving as the ship’s carpenter aboard the H.M.S. Pinafore, Charlie has been appointed a Yeoman of the Guard and keeps watch over the Cold Harbor Tower. A Savoyard since 1988, this is Charlie’s second time around as a Yeoman. Once his Yeoman duties are finished, Charlie will resume keeping watch over Morehead City and the waters of Bogue Sound.

Chris Bernier (Lighting Designer) is an MFA graduate from NYU. His NC credits include lighting for A Midsummer Night’s Dream, H.M.S. Pinafore and Crumbs from the Table of Joy; and scenery for Driving Miss Daisy, The Oldest Living Confederate Widow, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 1776, and A Map of the World. As always, thanks to his loving wife.

Jim Burnette, (Wilfred Shadbolt) is again honored to work with Derrick, Alan and his Savoyards “family” – It is, it is a glorious thing to be in your Company! His performance is dedicated to the memory of Rick Rottschaefer – Teacher, Actor and Friend; and to Stephen, whose support is, Wag-a-Wagging, Never Flagging!

Bobby Cameron (Royal Chorus) joins the Savoyards for his sixth straight show, this time in the Royal Chorus. Why not on stage? Life got too complicated as he and Shere, married last October, are selling two houses to buy a third – moving into Chapel Hill while keeping daughter Brynn in the school district.

Donna Cavallo (Stage Manager) has worked for a variety of area theater companies. While primarily a stage manager, she has worked on almost every aspect of theater production including lights, costumes, props, and has even on occasion appeared on the stage. This is her sixth production with the Savoyards.

Megan Colborn (Royal Chorus) is in her third performance with Savoyards! She is a graduate of Durham School of the Arts and has studied voice since fifth grade. She’s currently at Durham Tech and hopes to attend Brevard College. Megan would like to thank God, her family, friends, and teachers for their huge support!

Bruce Conner (Royal Chorus) hasn’t got a lot to say in his bio, but he is delighted to be part of the Savoyards, returning to singing in the chorus, a love of G & S fostered in childhood, and well supported in this, “the autumn of his life.”

Richard Dideriksen (Sergeant Meryll, Set and Graphics Designer) – Art imitates life as this father of four becomes one of G & S’s most famous father characters. Richard celebrates his 36th Savoyard season as the Sergeant who, with his kids, tricks the Yeomen into saving a life. He is very mindful of his beloved wife Teme’s support of his stage habits, his tenth season as set designer, and 25th season of graphics design. Now there is time for travel!

Steve Dobbins (Third Yeoman, Board of Governors) is in his seventh season with the Savoyards. Favorite roles have included: Bunthorne; Despard; Pish-Tush; Mars and Sillimon on the CD of Gilbert and Jones’s Thespis; and co-director of the cabaret Ruddigore redux. Steve likes to make people laugh by pretending to be a singing, dancing lunatic. (He is pretending, isn’t he?)

Sandy Gerli (Royal Chorus) is a Store Associate at Kohl’s by day and a constant Savoyard otherwise! 2008 marks 30 performing years since he did his first Yeomen! He lives in Chapel Hill with his dear wife, Teri and their Corgi pup, Mr. Darcy.

Susan Godkin (Chorus) is thrilled to be appearing in her second Gilbert and Sullivan production having debuted in her fifth grade class’s performance of H.M.S. Pinafore. Thanks to John for your love, patience and support. You really are the best!

Karen Gray (Dame Carruthers, Board of Governors), in her 14th season with the Savoyards, is still loving it! She is still not typecast. She is a Duke “bean counter,” Savoyards Board President, soprano at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, mother of a professional paintball player, and political junkie. Thanks to Michael and Anna!

Frances L. Greenstein (Royal Chorus) is singing for the third time with the wonderful Savoyards. For ten previous seasons Fran has constructed sets and helped with properties with the Savoyards. Outside of the theatre, Fran enjoys crafts, exercise, volunteer work, travel, reading, and her two puppies.

Charles Guidry (Producer, Technical Director, Set Realizer) is a local artist who has worked on twelve Savoyards productions. He has performed many tasks over the years and is hopeful he has properly tended the tower yard. While he enjoys working with the guard and citizenry, any difference of opinion will be mediated in one hour by the headsman.

Karen Guidry (Producer, Board of Governors, Wardrobe Mistress) has been involved in Durham Savoyards productions as costume designer, seamstress, assistant producer, and producer for the last eleven years. Questions have arisen regarding her sanity more often of late but it has been determined that she is fairly harmless.

Pam Guidry-Vollers (Chorus, Dance Captain, Hair and Makeup Designer) is happy to be joining the Savoyards for her tenth show. She has been a musical theatre performer since her debut as a schoolgirl in her fourth grade production of The Mikado. Since then she has performed in many shows, including Fiddler on the Roof, Kiss Me Kate, The Pirates of Penzance (twice), The Grand Duke, The Mikado, and Ruddigore, and has designed hair and makeup for the Savoyards since 2001.

Kimberly Hirsh (First Citizen) is pleased to return for her third Savoyards production, though this is her first time playing a twin. When not on the stage proper, Kimberly provides three performances a day to her Latin classes at Wakefield High School in Raleigh, where her students constantly attempt to upstage her.

Lisa Hirsh (Properties Mistress) has hunted down or manufactured original and various props for the last three Savoyard productions. The bloody tower has its own set of interesting items to keep up with. Lisa’s non-theatre pursuits include home-schooling Micah, graphic design, and illustration. She thanks her family for their continued love and support.

Houston Horn (Chorus, understudy Second Yeoman), after appearing in Patience (Durham Savoyards), Carmen (Carolina Ballet), H.M.S. Pinafore (Savoyards again), Strange Fruit (Longleaf Opera), and La Traviata (Capital Opera), is thrilled to finally appear in a show with a masculine-sounding name. He thanks his family for their support in these turbulent times.

Pam Kadzielawski (Chorus, understudy Dame Carruthers) is happy to be joining the Savoyards for her fourth season. Off stage, she is a crazed Caniac. Many thanks to this wonderful family for all the fun and gifts of friendship. Lots of love to Mike and Phil.

Mei-li J. Kuhns (Royal Chorus) is thankful to be returning for her third season in the Royal Chorus. She worked back stage for one season with the Simsbury (CT) Light Opera Company, and joined the Durham Savoyards when she moved to North Carolina. She is an active member of The Church of the Holy Cross - Anglican, in Raleigh. She works for Interactive Medical Systems and lives in North Raleigh.

Cathy Lambe (Chorus) is glad to be in her third production of Yeomen. Last time she was a novice nun, now she is sweeping out the Tower. The Savoyards camaraderie keeps her coming back year after year – and also the singing, dancing and general onstage and backstage fun. Love to all her good Savoyard friends made through the years, especially the “group of 8”.

Larry Landman (Chorus) made his Savoyards debut in last year’s Royal Chorus for H.M.S. Pinafore. An appearance in The Pirates of Penzance at age 11 sparked Larry’s lifelong delight in the G & S canon. Larry is a personal tutor (math, English, standardized tests) for students from sixth grade through college, and the lucky husband of his beautiful bride, Paula.

Deanna Chou Lim (Orchestra Manager) has melted in Houston, slushed through Boston, frozen in Vermont, but finally got it right in Raleigh! After playing the violin, piano, cello, and composing music, she discovered G & S in college as a cellist but never completed the full G & S canon – one more to go.

Janell Lovelace (Chorus) returns onstage for the first time since sixth grade. She “retired” from software engineering and now works in a comic shop – and has no free time, for reasons including singing in the Duke Chapel Choir. She thanks Tanner, Bram, and Grandmumda for making her part in the bucket brigade possible.

Steven Lumpkin (Colonel Fairfax) has greatly enjoyed his first production with the Durham Savoyards. Steven graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance and a love of opera; most recently he’s been involved with Capital Opera of Raleigh, and he hopes to proceed eventually to graduate school in music.

Hugh Mace (Royal Chorus) returns for yet another show with this wonderful company of zanies. Hugh has been a Savoyard since 1983. A retired high school teacher, he finds his life even busier than ever with all his volunteer work.

Theodora Mason (Kate, understudy Elsie Maynard) has a degree in Vocal Performance, is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, and currently teaches private and group voice at the Durham Arts Council School. She has performed locally with the North Carolina Symphony and Duke Chapel Choir and also in the Midwest and Europe.

Evelyn McCauley (Phoebe Meryll, Publicity Manager) – A Savoyard since 1991, Evelyn excitedly adds “Phoebe” to her list of G & S roles, which includes Buttercup, Mad Margaret, Katisha, Ruth, Lady Sangazure, Pitti Sing, Tessa, and Iolanthe. She continues to perform with many area companies. She deeply thanks her One (husband Lance), family & friends for their love and support.

Sarah Miller (Second Citizen) is 22 and is very happy to be performing for the fourth time with the Durham Savoyards. By day she is a customer service representative, and when she is not at work, she is playing with her band, writing, or relaxing at home. Enjoy the show!

Marie Moulin (Royal Chorus) is French. She is mainly a linguist and has been living, studying and teaching in Durham and Chapel Hill for the last fifteen years. This is her fifth year with the company. She immensely enjoys her participation in the shows and is very grateful to the Savoyards to put up with her sometimes absent minded “Frenchitude.” Special thanks go to her once organ-player mother and all the other musicians in her life.

Sarah Nevill (Chorus), a Brit, recently arrived in Durham from Basel, Switzerland, so enjoyed H.M.S. Pinafore that being on stage as a chorus member seemed worth the challenge! She will be the one not quite in step! She sings in the St. Philip’s choir and is a Board member of Long Leaf Opera.

Chris Newlon (First Yeoman) has been performing with the Durham Savoyards since 2001 and is delighted to be back after a year’s sabbatical. When not on stage, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, Betsy, and their three daughters: Alyssa, Claire and Abby.

Richard Palmer (Sir Richard Cholmondeley – “Leftenant Chumley” to his friends), is pleased to be a part of his second Savoyards production, having watched the troupe, their antics and great productions from afar for many years, before joining the chorus of H.M.S. Pinafore last year. He hopes to continue to be involved in the coming years.

Kent Parks (Chorus, understudy Sir Richard Cholmondeley, understudy First Yeomen) is excited to be back among the Savoyards for his second production (has it really been five years since The Mikado?!). An NC native, he has performed in over a dozen shows in local community theatre, mostly with Raleigh Little Theatre. He is a budget data analyst for the state of NC.

Rock Pereira (Chorus) misses a friend who did not audition this year. His extra-Savoy interests are econometrics and statistics. He loves to teach math. He subscribes to the Financial Times mainly for its cryptic crossword. He is grateful to the Carolina Theatre for a number of reasons.

Betty Romani (Rehearsal Accompanist) is completing her fifth show with the excellent Durham Savoyards. She hopes her family, friends, piano students, and church choir can forgive her for humming like a Yeoman from dawn of day to set of sun (and well on to midnight and the small hours). Happy 9th to C&D!

Pat Roos (Chorus, Board of Governors) – Among a small group of hard-core fans, (well, at least one), Pat’s stage appearances have been described as “brilliant” and “so funny.” While few believe this year’s eager yet dignified persona can top last year’s amazing clowning, Pat is cautiously optimistic that she won’t often trip crossing the stage. With great appreciation for all who work behind as well as in front of the curtain, thank you.

Michael Rowe (Royal Chorus) has been singing for as long as he remembers. He has performed in nearly every one of the shows in the G & S canon except for Patience and H.M.S. Pinafore. One day he hopes to perform in both of these rare and common shows.

David Smith (Chorus) is performing in his third Yeomen and 27th Savoyards production. By day, he is writing an interactive online calculus text for the Mathematical Association of America. His other recreations include 10 grandchildren, St. Philip’s Choir, travel, mental health advocacy and education, and tandem biking with his wife of 50 years, Dorothy.

Bruce Stewart (Chorus) began his theatre career when a girl in his chemistry class conned him into doing The Nutcracker. He subsequently earned multiple science degrees performing and teching numerous productions. Most recently he performed in the Triangle Youth Ballet’s The Nutcracker. Yeoman is his eleventh Savoyard production and he’s a little nonplussed to realize he’s now considered an “old-timer” in the company.

Shiangtai Tuan (Chorus)– Like all other Yeomen, he is content to spend the Autumn of retired life after services to the Queen including the complete canon of G & S, and services to some Empress, and nobles including Turandot, Don Giovanni, the Lady (Lucia) of Di Lammermoor, Countess Almaviva (boss of Figaro), and even Madama Butterfly.

Ruth Winecker (Chorus, understudy Phoebe Meryll) has been singing for all kinds of audiences and venues for more years than she cares to count. Now in her second Savoyard season she is thrilled to be part of their music and farce. In her other life Ruth is a forensic toxicologist where she finds interesting parallels between life and the make-believe of G & S.

Diane Woodard (Royal Chorus, Head Costumer) is a “slave to fashion” this year, once again turning Derrick and Hannah’s ideas into costumes. This is her third Savoyard show and she’ll get to see it from the Royal Box instead of trying to dance and sing on the stage.

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The Directors

Derrick Ivey (Director and Choreographer) is pleased to return for his sixth collaboration with the Durham Savoyards, and with Music Director Alan Riley Jones. Previous work for the company: H.M.S. Pinafore; Patience; The Pirates of Penzance; Ruddigore; and The Mikado. Other directing credits: The Glass Menagerie; Rough Crossing; Deathtrap; Chicago - A Musical Vaudeville; The Zoo Story; The Diary of Anne Frank; Lady Windermere’s Fan; and Oliver – as well as his original stage adaptations of Moliere’s The Doctor in Spite of Himself, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the Greek Myth Antigone, James Barrie’s Peter Pan, and Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Performing credits include: Martin in The Goat; Richard Nixon in Nixon’s Nixon; Boyet in Love’s Labours Lost; Mark Antony in Julius Caesar; and many years of dance performances with choreographer Killian Manning. More recent credits include: Howie in Rabbit Hole and The Photographer in At the Vanishing Point (Manbites Dog Theater); and The Historical Event in How I Got That Story (Deep Dish Theater) – all three of which were listed among the Best Performances in 2007 by area theater critics.

Alan Riley Jones (Music Director) first appeared with the Durham Savoyards in the 1984 production of The Yeomen of the Guard, and both the score and the Savoyards family have held a special place for him ever since. In the 1995 Yeomen, Alan played the Lieutenant. With this year’s production, his sixth in tandem with director Derrick Ivey, and accompanied by a full-sized orchestra of talented instrumentalists, he feels especially blessed to be leading such a gifted cast and chorus which have made the vocal side of his music directorship over the past months a true joy. Holding Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from East Carolina University, Alan marked his 75th lifetime stage production with last year’s H.M.S. Pinafore, most often as singer and actor, occasionally as composer and playwright. Longtime Savoyards fans may remember Alan as Counsel for the Plaintiff (Trial By Jury, 1984), Scaphio (Utopia, UnLimited, 1997), Lord Chancellor (Iolanthe, 1998), Major-General Stanley (The Pirates of Penzance, 1999), and J. W. Wells (The Sorcerer, 2001). His many non-G&S roles include Tito in Lend Me a Tenor, Captain von Trapp in The Sound of Music, Falstaff in Verdi’s Falstaff, Burl in Smoke On the Mountain, and Narrator/Mysterious Man in Into the Woods. Original works include the musical play Ladri Waits, a new score for Gilbert’s libretto Thespis (recently recorded by the Durham Savoyards), and choral compositions and arrangements for the Oakwood Waits vocal ensemble, of which he is a longtime member.

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