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The Yeomen of the Guard

The Yeomen of the Guard


The Merryman and His Maid

Colonel Fairfax, sentenced to die in an hour on a false charge of sorcery, marries Elsie Maynard, a strolling singer. But then he escapes, causing complications. At the end Elsie’s boyfriend, Jack Point, dies of a broken heart. Or does he? This is perhaps the nearest that Gilbert and Sullivan, working together, came to grand opera.

The Yeomen of the Guard opened October 3, 1888, at the Savoy Theatre and ran for 423 performances.

Durham Savoyards Performance History
  • May 18-20 and May 25-26, 1973, Page Auditorium, Duke University

    Director: George Williams — Music Director: Allan Bone — Producer: Elvin Strowd

  • April 13-14 1984, Page Auditorium, Duke University; April 27, 1984, Stewart Theatre, Raleigh, NC

    Director: Betty A. Setzer — Music Director: Benjamin Keaton — Producer: Kent Otto

  • April 27-30, 1995, Page Auditorium, Duke University; May 6-7, 1995, Thalian Hall, Wilmington, NC

    Artistic Director: Randolph Umberger — Music Director: Benjamin Keaton — Producers: Anne Evans, Jan Harris, and Hugh Mace

  • April 17-20, 2008, Carolina Theatre, Durham, NC

    Artistic Director: Derrick Ivey — Music Director: Alan Riley Jones — Producer: Karen and Charles Guidry [Cast & Crew]

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