FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

about the savoyard-news@durhamsavoyards.org mailing list

Q: What is the savoyard-news list?

A: It is an electronic mail distribution list. Specifically, it is an "official announcement" medium of the Durham Savoyards, Ltd. This electronic list is intended to supplement the organization's postal mailing list. It is for official Savoyard business only, and typically will be used only for notifications of board meetings, annual meetings, auditions and performances of the Durham Savoyards, Ltd.

Official News

Q: Who pays for the list?

A: The Durham Savoyards, Ltd. pays for Internet hosting services, which includes support for its web site, email, and mailing list service. The day-to-day programming and administration of the web site, email and mailing list service is done by volunteers from the Savoyard community.

Q: Will I receive a lot of messages from this list?

A: No. Fewer than 3-4 messages a month on average, but messages will be irregular in frequency (the Savoyards activities are seasonal).

Q: Who can be on the list?

A: Anyone interested in the performances of the Durham Savoyards.

Q: How can I get on the list?

A: Send an email message to


You will receive a confirmation message to which you must reply to complete the subscription process. In addition, one of the list moderators must approve your subscription request.

Q: Why is this confirmation process necessary?

A: The confirmation process serves two purposes. First, it verifies that we are able to get mail through to you. Second, it protects you in case someone forges a subscription request in your name.

In addition, having moderator approval protects the system from automated junk mailers who are trying to get on and send spam.

Q: May I put someone else on the list?

A: Yes. If you want to add joe@xyz.com to the list, send email to


Note that "=" substitutes for the "@" in the email address.

The confirmation process still applies, of course, so joe@xyz.com has to reply.

Q: How do I get off the list?

A: Send an email message to


You can also unsubscribe joe@xyz.com with a message to


Just as with subscription requests, a confirmation process applies to prevent error and mischief.

Q: How will I know that I've been added to the list?
If I've asked to be removed, how will I know that has been done?

A: In each case you will receive notification, either a "welcome" or a "goodbye" message, as appropriate.

Q: Isn't there a simpler way to subscribe or unsubscribe?

A: You can always send a request to the human administrator of the list (also called the "owner"):


This process may take a little longer, but will not require the confirmation step for your protection. You will, however, still get a "welcome" or "goodbye" message (as appropriate) to let you know that your request has been completed.

Q: What is the address of the list?

A: Postings to the list will be sent to


However, when you receive mail from the list, it will appear to come from the individual who sent the message.

Q: Can I reply to a posted message?

A: Not to the whole list of subscribers. Your reply will go only to the original sender of the message.

If you want to have a group discussion consider using the g-s@duke.edu list, which is an open discussion forum.

Q: Who can send messages to the list?

A: Only a few people who are registered as "moderators" may post messages to the savoyard-news list. Typically this will include the president and director of publicity.

Q: How can I send information to this list?

A: If you have material that you feel is appropriate for distribution to the savoyard-news list, send all relevant information to the owner:


The owner will forward your request to the appropriate moderator to consider. Please remember that this list is for official business only, and that "off-topic" subjects, however worthy, will not be accepted.

Q: Who are the list moderators, and what is their responsibility?

A: The list moderators are volunteers representing the Savoyards Board of Governors. At present the moderator duty is being handled by the list owner; eventually the will be shared by one or two others, ideally the president and director of publicity.

List moderators are responsible for adding and removing subscribers and for making postings to the list.

Q: Who is the list owner, and what is their responsibility?

A: The list owner is a volunteer who provides technical support for the list, assures that it is configured and operating properly, and investigates problems reported by the moderators and subscribers.

Q: Why don't I receive any messages from the list?

A: There are several possibilities:

1. If you have more than one email account, you may be subscribed under a different account than the one you're expecting.

2. Messages could be blocked by your email program or ISP's spam filter. Be sure to put savoyard-news@durhamsavoyards.org in your system's "white-list".

3. Messages are infrequent, so there may have been nothing to see in recent weeks.

Feel free to contact the list owner if you think there is a problem. The list owner can always be reached at


End of FAQ. Last updated on October 25, 2005 -- CMR