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Official anouncements from the Durham Savoyards, Ltd.


savoyard-news@durhamsavoyards.org is the Durham Savoyards "official announcement" electronic mailing list. It is intended to supplement the organization's postal mailing list. This is for official Savoyard business only, and will typically be used only for notifications of board meetings, annual meetings, auditions and performances of the Durham Savoyards, Ltd.

Postings to this list may be made only by the president, the director of publicity, or their designates. Since this is not a discussion forum (the g-s list is the place for that) the message traffic is light.

Get on the list: As with the Savoyards' postal mailing list, anyone may join this electronic announcement list. The easiest way to add your email address (subscribe) to the list is to send a blank message to savoyard-news-subscribe@durhamsavoyards.org.

Get off the list: If you wish to remove your email address (unsubscribe) from the list, send a blank message to savoyard-news-unsubscribe@durhamsavoyards.org.

Official News

Subscribing and unsubscribing in this manner is a simple automated process; the message subject and contents may contain anything or be left blank entirely. When you subscribe or unsubscribe you will receive a confirmation message to which you will need to reply. This confirmation process serves two purposes: 1) for subscription requests, it verifies that we are able to get mail through to you; and 2) for both kinds of requests, it protects you in case someone forges an email request in your name.

Help? If you need to get in touch with the human administrator of this list, just send a message to savoyard-news-owner@durhamsavoyards.org. Remember that you won't be able to send messages directly to the list (i.e: to all subscribers), but feel free to contact the administrator if you have questions or suggestions.

There is an FAQ available.