Durham Savoyards, Ltd.

Program Bios for 2009's The Gondoliers


Only members of the cast and a few members of
the production staff are eligible to submit bios,
so here's your chance!

For many years it has been our tradition to print short write-ups about each cast member and production staffer. We are a community theatre group, and these short pieces help our audience appreciate who we are.

Here are the rules for writing and submitting your program bio:

  • Please Count Words.Bios MUST be BRIEF -- a single paragraph of 45-50 words (not counting your name and role). We will make every effort to use your bio exactly as you have written it, although we reserve the right to make minor editorial changes.
    • Please include your NAME exactly as you want it to appear in the program.
    • Include your ROLE(s) in the show (character name, understudy character, and/or production staff position(s), if any).

      Your name and role information does not count toward the 45-50 word limit.

40-50 words. No more, please.
  • For uniformity, write in the THIRD PERSON. That is, refer to yourself by your first name or "he" or "she" -- do not use first person pronouns such as "I" or "myself".
  • Check your SPELLING and GRAMMAR. If you intentionally use unusual spelling or grammar as part of your colorful writing style, please let us know so the proofreader will "stet".
  • Submit your bio to Teme Levbarg <teme_levbarg@unc.edu> by email in PLAIN TEXT (enter the bio as part of the email message, not as an attachment). When she receives your bio she will send a "thank you" reply. If you do not receive this acknowledgment within 24 hours, it means that your message (and bio) did not get to her.
  • Please do not send a word processor attachment of any kind. These cannot be used and will be refused.
  • The DEADLINE for submitting all bios is THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2009.
  • Finally, bios are OPTIONAL. As much as we'd like to print something about every participant, we will certainly understand if you'd rather demur. Please let us know if this is the case so we can cross you off our nag list.

If you're an "old-timer" and would like to re-use a bio you wrote for Yeomen of the Guard (2008), H.M.S. Pinafore (2007), Patience (2006), Pirates (2005), Ruddigore (2004), Mikado (2003) or H.M.S. Pinafore (2002), check here:

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Thank you ALL for your help with this task. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

— Teme